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Crème de LEE Crème strives for quality and simplicity.

We maintain the importance of quality, long lasting materials in order to elevate the value of our products. Distinct from other brands, Crème de LEE Crème believes in the pursuit of excellence as a lifestyle; not just a label.



Born on August 17, 1979, young Kaliko Bolden learned about discipline and determination at a very young age. Her family tells of a five year old Kaliko rolling her very own enormous pumpkin for 3 blocks to get it home.

“I really wanted that pumpkin”, she laughs. 


Growing up, her father Rabbi Caldwell encouraged her to be

independent. He always knew she would be a business woman and constantly showered her with  words of validation: 

“One day you will own your company”.


Kaliko's love for fashion was influenced by her Mother Mary Caldwell and her Aunt Helen. She has memories of the room full of beautiful, superior fabrics that belonged to her Aunt Helen and watching her mother gracefully select fabrics and turn them into conversation pieces with her own hands.


She admired the skills and artistic talents of her mother and aunt as she watched them sew. Kaliko left her hometown of Gary, IN to pursue her dreams. In 2005, she moved to Indianapolis, IN for better career opportunities and was introduced to a new consumer market.


As an active member in her community, Kaliko is a longtime

volunteer for Dress for Success and a partner with Mission Accomplished Charity Organization. Humbling herself before God, she has learned to forgive often and strives to lead a peaceful and positive lifestyle. Fred Bolden, her husband and partner, is a very influential person in her life. His encouragement and confidence in her success has played a very important role to the birth of Crème de LEE Crème.

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